60% of Cardano Network Under Utilization

·       The NFTs of Ripple network will be available on Cross Tower’s marketplace, thanks to a cooperation between the two companies. “U Today”

·       With Binance, more than 17 crypto exchanges have now been certified. “Bitcoin News”

·       Cardano network under utilization is close to 60 percent, according to data. “U Today”

·       Institutional investors are getting ready for a buying spree as the whole crypto market remains oversold. “U Today”

·       Twitter is reportedly looking to file a lawsuit against Tesla CEO Elon Musk. “Coin Telegraph”

·       NFT sales of Axie Infinity Metaverse game pumped 205 percent over the past seven days. “Coin Telegraph”

·       The European Central Bank recommends urgent implementation of strict Stablecoin regulations to protect investors against Terra-like incidents. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Car company Hyundai has stepped up its Metaverse game. “U Today”

·       A report issued by the UN Conference on Trade and Development has found that Venezuela ranks third amongst countries with the most crypto adoption. “Bitcoin News”

·       Bitso, a Mexican-based crypto exchange with operations in several countries in Latin America, has announced the launch of a Stablecoin based remittance service. “Bitcoin News”