Metaverse Lands Can Be Scarce Someday

·       In another act of massive cyber-attack, a hacker claims to have stolen the sensitive information of one billion Chinese citizens from the Shanghai Police. “Bitcoin News”

·       The United States treasury department has delivered a crypto framework to president Joe Biden. “Bitcoin News”

·       Shiba burn rate jumps by 231 percent as 187 million Shib sent to dead wallets. “U Today”

·       US diplomats call on Japan’s crypto exchanges to cut ties to Russia. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Tether liquidates Celsius position with no losses to Stablecoin issue. “Coin Telegraph”

·       According to stats, Metaverse lands can be scarce someday. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Elon Musk has decided to terminate the 44-billion-dollar Twitter takeover. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Bitcoin sharks have bought 52,000 BTC over the past month. “U Today”

·       As the average network fee of Ethereum crashes to only 88 cents, the future of this cryptocurrency looks uncertain. “U Today”

·       According to reports the transition of Ethereum algorithm to proof of stake will take place later this year. “U Today”