Ripple Won Again Against SEC

·       The French Central bank has announced that it will unveil the pilot program of the CBDC of this country. “Coin Telegraph”

·       President of Kazakhstan signs law increasing tax rates for crypto miners. “Bitcoin News”

·       The central bank of Sri Lanka still doesn’t want the public conducting crypto purchases. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Upcoming inflation data release will have a great effect on the crypto market. “U Today”

·       Samsung is launching a Metaverse world constructed as part of the Roblox universe. “Bitcoin News”

·       Ripple has managed to score another big win against the SEC. “U Today”

·       Cryptocurrencies will be recognized as financial assets in South Africa by the central reserve bank of this country. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Dogecoin price suffers as Elon Musk attempts to walk away from 44-billion-dollar Twitter deal. “Coin Telegraph”

·       Russian university develops a Blockchain-based alternative to SWIFT. “Bitcoin News”

·       Largest US ATM provider has added Bitcoin to 175,000 ATMs accord the US. “U Today”